This page provides access to videos, presentations, etc., throughout the strategic planning process and will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back for updated resources.

FINALIZED Timeline, Action Plan & Brochure
  • Brochure (click here) - this brochure includes our finalized call to action statement, our beliefs, our learner profile, our goals, our learner outcomes, and our specific actions to get there.
  • Action Plan (click here) - our action plan is a more detailed listing of our goals and specific actions tied to those goals.
  • Timeline (click here) - our timeline shows our targets to meeting and fulfilling our specific actions and goals to grow towards a better tomorrow. 

Design & Create Team (Results & Documentation)
  • Results (click here) - our beliefs, call to action, learner profile, learner outcomes and goals as identified and developed based on stakeholder forums, surveys and feedback.
  • Documentation - all stakeholder data, design team planning documents and finalized master documents.

  • Community Summit - 01/15/2015 w/ all stakeholders @ 6:30pm

  • Community Summit - 01/15/2015 w/ local business leaders via Chamber of Commerce Mtg. @ 11:30am

Live Streaming

Engage in Learning Video (used in both community summit's on 01/15/2015)